Add Couches To The Embroidery


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Couching is a process which is done using thread work on a piece of cloth and this an interesting way to add color, look and texture to the fabric this process enhances the look of the fabric as we can chose best combination of thread colors and make it look more elegant and rich.

How is it done?

This is done by using multi layers of thread on a cloth and stitching it in patterns as we require to create a design and this process the color and pattern matters a lot and the fabric type also as all the designs and stitches doesn’t match with all the fabric types and is very popular since olden days and the early centuries too and even many ready made fabrics are available nowadays in the market for which we just have to buy them and stitch it where we want to and that makes our work more simpler and easier compared to stitching the whole thing.

What is it useful for?

This process is used to enhance the beauty of the fabric as well as the look of it and even helps us to cover if there is any damage or any stain on the cloth this couching helps us to hide it as any such kind things make the fabric look worst and make it lose its beauty .

What’s new?

We can use a metallic thread to make this process more expressive this gives a royalty to the fabric you chose, the fabric thickness also plays an major on this couching process as thick the fabric the couching methods change as if the fabric is thin we can use hand and needle if its thick than we can take the help of machines and it has different types of stitches in itself but mostly hand stitch is recommendable for couching as we can create new designs and in this type we should have a special eye on the thread and bobbin color both should go hand in hand or the design will look ugly and unattractive.


couching is not at all difficult but may take time to learn the process but if we become a pro in it then we don’t have to look for opportunities we should just keep learning and practicing and preferable hand stitch is a very good option.

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