Avoiding Hand And Wrist Injuries While Embroidering

hand injury while stitch

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Embroidery is something that most women loves to do, it is a great hobby as well as an amazing talent one can hold onto. Once you begin to Embroidery you would not be able to notice how fast the time goes, this is due to how interesting learning embroidery is. However there can be injuries that way occur due to regular habits of embroidering. It is best to avoid regular embroidering in order to keep yourself safe from any injuries around your wrists or hand. Here is a brief explanation about the injury that may take place due to regular habits of embroidering.

The Only Known Injury That Embroidery Causes (RSI)

RSI, also known as repetitive stress injury is the only known injury that may occur due to sewing and embroidery based workings. This injury is caused if one repeats the same process every other day on a regular basis. This could also be considered as over stress or strain to your hands and wrists. This injury causes strain on your muscles and tendons which are the areas known to complete tasks by the body. Due to this repeating process going on an inflammation takes place and then a feeling of discomfort begins to build within. This injury can be relieved by dis-continuing further workings until the discomfort and inflammation is completely healed.

The wrist and hands are the mainly used parts of our body when it comes to embroidery. So using these two parts of our body on a regular basis when embroidering and hand sewing causes the RSI injury. Embroidery requires simple movements like moving a fabric back and forth, or vice versa and sharing the fabric to complete the process.

However, this injury to avoid these injuries you should change the way you embroider and sew. If you find yourself in a much serious situation where your wrists or hands are afflicted by RSI then it is recommended that you stop stitching immediately and let your muscles and tendons relax, which is the only way to let them heal naturally without causing further injuries to your wrists or hands. You may begin to have some severe pain around your wrists until the injury heals, there are several anti – inflammatory medications that you can take in order to reduce the pain. It this does not seem to work, then it is best you seek medical help to know of what you can do to treat this pain.

If you are not afflicted by RSI, then it is recommended by the expert embroiders that you adapt yourself with using a floor frame, or a simple lap physique so that you would not have to hold the fabric amid your fingers. This would be the best way to work without getting yourself afflicted by RSI injuries.

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