Sewing Machine – Greatest Invention in the World

sewing machine invention


There are so many inventions that really give a big impact to the worldwide economy. One of which is sewing machines. Since sewing machines were invented many years ago, the world economy had been getting increased. He was Isaac Merrit who had found a practical sewing machine with an up and down mechanism. His sewing machine was really good and it started to be published in the United States for industry only. Two years later, they produced a lot of sewing machines and sold them to the worldwide garment industry.

Basically, a sewing machine was produced specifically for the garment industry in the line production. It is called an industrial sewing machine that has a different function from the household sewing machine. It is created to do a special sewing function like making straight stitches and embroidery. Meanwhile, there is another type of sewing machine which is created for a production line when making such clothing.

Somehow, before 1889, there is nobody that can use a sewing machine individually. But, since 1889, the production of sewing machines intentionally target individual use. Since that year, all of the women were allowed to make their family clothing and learned to sew using a sewing machine. It is a household sewing machine which is commonly used by an individual user that has some functions such as making zigzag stitches, sewing straight stitches, button stitching, making buttonholes, and much more.

Within two years, the manufacturer had been successfully producing sewing machines to worldwide market. Meanwhile, there were other manufacturers that also tried to produce similar sewing machine with different brands. There were also some manufacturers that made some cool antique sewing machines. The emergence of sewing machine did make everybody excited and made them easy to create innovative clothing.

invention of sewing mahcine worldwideNowadays, some of the people still use classic sewing machine using a manual way or foot pedal. In fact, some manufacturers have been producing a lot of electronic sewing machine that can be much easier. A sewing machine which is not computerized is called as mechanical sewing machine despite the electronic one has the same function. Besides, the modern sewing machines using electricity can give a better stitching result. If we see it from the function, then mechanical sewing machine is cheaper than electronic sewing machines.

You can buy a mechanical sewing machine at only 80 dollars up to 1200 dollars for complete features. Meanwhile, the modern sewing machine may reach up to 5000 dollars. For a beginner, you can choose the manual one using a mechanical sewing machine, but if you have mastered all the techniques, choosing the modern one can be a good idea.

The fact is that all of the sewing machines can be used for many years and you only need to buy and replace some sewing items when needed. You may see that there are a lot of classic sewing machines that are still being used until today. It proves that sewing machine can be a good investment. Your classic sewing machine may still operate, but you will have difficulties to find the spare parts just in case you need one.

Well, that is some information about the emergence of sewing machine that really influences the worldwide economy. Sewing machines make everybody easy to create good clothing so they can build their own business to sell their creativity.

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