Two Types Of Sewing Machine Feet

Stitching through sewing machines is not same in any case. Types of fabric and design requirement always call for some advanced features. The latest sewing machines are equipped with specially designed structures that make the stitching easy and hassle free in all the cases.

For instance; there are two main types that tailors and seamstresses must consider to improve the professional efficiency.

First is the walking foot sewing machine and second is roller foot sewing machine. Both of these types perform different tasks and hence prove to be useful for performing specific functions.

Let’s have a look at how these machines are beneficial.

Use Of The Roller Foot Sewing Machine

Roller Foot Sewing Machine

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This type of machine is perfect for the fabric which is difficult to handle and proves tough. Specially, vinyl, leather and suede are the kinds that keep on shifting and moving; hence controlling their movements by mere use of hand is not possible at all.

Roller foot sewing machine provides greater control over this kind of fabric. The process is quite simple. Machine rolls over the fabric and yields a perfectly stitched piece. Just imagine pushing and pulling a tough fabric like denim and canvases, under the machine needle. First thought that strikes the mind is that needle may break, or uneven stitches may appear on the surface.

Well, nothing such happens with roller foot sewing machine; it perfectly goes through the fabric, while holding it together in quite smooth way. One can say that this kind of machine suits equally best for sewing soft as well as hard fabric.

This kind can be used in getting a perfect stitch for particular designs. Sewing the plaids and stripes, is very challenging. Further, stitching the pieces together in a way that top and bottom side both give an even finish is also difficult. Walking food machine is a great equipment to deal with such designs.

Other Benefits Of Walking Foot Machine And Roller Foot Machine

Benefits Of Walking Foot Machine And Roller Foot Machine


Apart from these specific functions both these types have following general benefits.

  1. Machines are easily portable. They can adjust to cabinets and hence there is no chance for them occupying the large sewing area.
  2. Roller foot and walking foot have enhanced sewing area; hence one can easily stitch any fabric with greater ease.
  3. Both come up with even foot sewing attachments that allow dealing with tough fabric like leather and georgette. It doesn’t matter whether person has to make drapes, or stitch a skirt. Working with every sort of fabric through these machines is simply easy.
  4. Automatic thread timer is an additional feature of these machines. It trims down the thread when required, hence saving a lot of time and thread.

Sewing machine feet are a great way to stitch fabric in a smooth way. They don’t let the equipment to become prone to friction and provide greater ease of sewing.

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