Why Do Women Love “Jerks”?

Women do respond well to the people we know as “jerks”. The women do love them more than the good men. They can chat with them for longer times and spend much time with them.

Who Is A “Jerk”?

A person who is said to be a jerk is that person who just nags, he is not respectful, he does not care and he is just the opposite of a well-behaved man.

What Are The Characteristics Of A “Jerk?”

He is always jovial, he does not care about any situation.

He has a very badego, actually, he despises others’ opinions.

He does not care for the other person next to him. Their priority comes first without having to think of the other person. Actually, he does what he says no matter how it sounds bad.

He does not allow people to downgrade him because he is always at the top.

He has no sense of care for the women, unlike the good men, he does not see the needs of a woman.

Why Women Get Attracted To The “Jerks”

Actually, most women do fall for these men. This is because of their ego. A woman likes a person who talks much of himself and his achievements. The woman will then fall into this trap without knowing. They are a source of fun and they do not take anything seriously. Because of their elevated ego, these men usually own very nice material things that women get attached to very fast.

What Makes the Woman To Suffer In the End?

The “jerk” kind of people do not change their behaviors. Living with such a person can become difficult after some time. The life with them is so unbearable because they only care for themselves. Additionally, they do not care to lose you. They become too controlling after some time, such that the woman does remain wordless. The qualities of the man become more and more negative.

What Can Make Good Men Attractive

attractive man

The good men who are always rejected by the women try to become “jerks”. This is how a good man can change to a bad man;

One should have some restraints to himself, that is one should not just do everything they think should be done.

You can adopt the lack of kindness by being mean and physically or mentally abuse misuse others.

Avoiding the politeness virtues and turning to be very inconsiderate.

Make the woman become traumatized by making their lives miserable.

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